From left: adorbs, ugly-cute, just darling

From left: adorbs, ugly-cute, just darling / Bruce Bennett/Getty Images; Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images; Daniel Maurer/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

This week, last year's most popular dog is still top, and the happiest nation is still the most contented. March is still madness and shutdowns still loom. Conspiracists are still theorizing about the PR-challenged Princess of Wales, who was spotted — and captured on video — out and about.

Hey, if you think that woman with Wills is a body double, you be you. Everyone needs a hobby. Ours is writing this quiz. See if you can get an 11/11 this week — the above is a pretty blatant clue, so you've got at least one correct.




A previous version of the quiz incorrectly said that Finland is a Scandinavian country. Finland is a Nordic country.