The Legislature focused on a range of issues from crime to space. Plus, a local sports celebrity visited the Gold Dome. 

The House took up several bills related to crime prevention today.  

Senate Bill 421 would crack down on "swatting," where someone reports a fake crime to law enforcement to send emergency services to another person’s house. The bill passed the Senate earlier in the session after several senators were swatted. The swatting bill also aims to harshen penalties for drive-by shootings. It passed the House today.

Members also unanimously passed the Safeguarding Adopted Children from Sexual Violence Act, which would add adoptive parents to incest charges. 

Another bill aiming to prevent human trafficking in massage therapy practices and spas also passed easily. SB 370 would require photos on massage therapist licenses and allow the Georgia Board of Massage Therapists to initiate onsite visits to massage therapy practices. 

And there was another retirement announcement in the House today: Rep. Clay Pirkle (R-Ashburn) said he will not run for reelection after nearly a decade in the house.  

The Senate saw a midday start with a handful of bills being passed. 

Space Force was added to the list of armed forces and was given the same retirement and pension benefits as the other military services in two bills — House Bill 299 and HB 385. HB 563 would allow a hearing before an administrative judge in cases related to state employee job complaints. HB 1181 will limit how long taxpayers can carry forward certain income tax incentives. 

Finally, former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan was at the capitol this morning. "Matty Ice" was under the Gold Dome to drive support and help all K-12 public schools “score” heart defibrillators with HB 874. The bill would require the devices in schools as well as training and medical response plans. 

Lawmakers will return to the Capitol on Wednesday for Day 34.

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