Biden in Atlanta

President Joe Biden speaks to voters in Atlanta.

Credit: Sarah Kallis/GPB News

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump held dueling rallies in Georgia on Saturday to make their final pitches to voters ahead Tuesday’s presidential preference primary.

Biden and Trump are expected to face off again on Nov. 5 for a rematch of the 2020 election, and both candidates focused their speeches on winning in November as well as Tuesday's primary.

Biden thanked voters during his rally in Atlanta’s Pullman yards for helping him win Georgia in 2020.

“Three years ago, you helped the Democratic ticket and won Georgia a presidential election for the first time in 30 years," he said. "On Thursday, while I gave my State of the Union address, I've talked about how far we've come since the 2020 election."

Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff spoke before Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden. 

A protestor interrupted Biden's speech, calling him "Genocide Joe," while supporters chanted "four more years."

Biden said that he doesn't resent the protestor's "passion" and said "there's a lot of Palestinians being unfairly victimized." 

The president highlighted declining unemployment rates and prescription drug caps as successes of his administration.

Meanwhile in Rome, Ga., Donald Trump held his own rally to energize the Republican base. He is expected to capture the votes he needs to be the Republican nominee after Tuesday.

"We are going to win the state of Georgia in an epic landslide," he said.

Trump again pushed the false conspiracy that he won the state of Georgia in the 2020 election several times throughout his speech.

Biden won Georgia in 2020 and several recounts have found no evidence of mass voter fraud in Georgia. Trump faces 13 felony charges in Georgia for election interference.