Mary Mac Tea Room after the roof collapsed.

Part of the roof at Mary Mac’s Team Room collapsed during heavy rain in Atlanta.

Credit: Rough Draft Atlanta's Atlanta Intown / Jacob Nguyen

Mary Mac’s Tea Room on Ponce de Leon Avenue is working to reopen “as quickly as possible” after heavy rain caused a partial collapse of the restaurant’s roof on Wednesday morning. 

The famed Southern eatery released this statement to Rough Draft on Thursday afternoon about the incident and work being done to reopen the restaurant.

Early Wednesday morning, the roof above the Skyline dining room of Mary Mac’s Tea Room collapsed due to heavy rains. We are incredibly grateful that no one was injured, and that the vast majority of our beloved restaurant was not impacted.

We are working to reopen as quickly as possible and are supporting our team members during this process. Our guests from Atlanta and beyond have supported Mary Mac’s Tea Room for more than 75 years, and we are dedicated to reopening and continuing Mary Mac’s legacy of southern food and hospitality for years to come.

The overwhelming support from our community is what is keeping us and our team moving forward, and we look forward to reopening our doors and serving the food that Atlanta’s Dining Room is known for as soon as possible.

This story comes to GPB through a reporting partnership with Rough Draft Atlanta.