The Senate started the day early, passing four House bills concerning everything from Native American relations to revised banking and IRS code, and all-inclusive care for the elderly, also known as “PACE.” 

All of the bills passed overwhelmingly.

On Thursday, the electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian announced it would be pausing construction of a $5 billion manufacturing plant in Georgia and re-direct its focus on Illinois. The site was expected to create 7,500 jobs for Georgians and produce up to 200,000 electric vehicles.

Senators from both sides of the aisle took to the well today to share their thoughts about the automaker's decision.

Credit: GPB

Meanwhile, the House started its day with two retirement announcements.  

The first, Rep. Gregg Kennard (D–Lawrenceville), announced he will not seek reelection. He gave a comedic speech about his seven takeaways from his five years in the House.  

Rep. David Knight (R–Griffin) told members that he will not run again after 20 years in the house.  

Members gave standing ovations to both Kennard and Knight.  

The House also passed Senate Bill 19 and SB 334. 

Lawmakers return to the Gold Dome next week for Day 33 of the legislative session.

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