Lawmakers came back to the Capitol on Monday after a late Thursday night on Crossover Day into early Friday morning.

This week, many lawmakers will reach a key milestone for reelection. Qualifying week kicked off today with major candidates visiting the Gold Dome. They must register and pay a fee in order to appear on the May primary ballot.  

U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath (D) qualified for a run in a new district, after her previous one, the 7th, got redrawn by state Republicans last year.

U.S. Reps. Nikema Williams and Rich McCormick also qualified today.  

In the House, members honored a friend of the chamber who died last week: Bruce Sims, who'd served as a doorkeeper in the House for over a decade.   

The House adjourned without voting on any bills.   

In the Senate, it was also a quiet day with no bills on the floor. But that didn’t stop a little inter-chamber rivalry.  

Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch (R) took some floor time to criticize the state House for being slow to pass Senate legislation. 

"The Senate passed 67 House bills through March 1," he said, in contrast with only 26 Senate bills making it through the House.

Gooch went on to recommend the Senate not pass House legislation until the House passes its budget.

Also receiving a bit of the majority leader’s attention was thanks and an award given to an unsuspecting senator: Josh McLaurin, a Sandy Springs Democrat. 

McLaurin thanked Gooch for the honor, quipping that it should quiet his Republican constituents who accuse him "of being a left-wing nut." 

State lawmakers return at their usual time tomorrow for Day 30. 

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