From left: Oprah, Flaco, Caitlin Clark

From left: Oprah, Flaco, Caitlin Clark / Amy Sussman/Getty Images; David Lei via AP; Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This week's quiz sadly falls on March 1, delaying our plan for a Friday leap day-themed quiz until 2036. By then, we'll all be brains in vats surrounded by melted glaciers, and will no longer care which celebrities were born on Feb. 29 (Ja Rule and Superman) or whether "leaplings" have their own zodiac sign (they do not).

So enjoy the quiz while you can, novelty date* or no.

While you're at it, also enjoy this history quiz, the first in a series from our friends at Throughline.



*A date with a gimmick, like 2/22/22 or May 4th, that constitutes its entire personality.