Usher and the Stanley cup.

Usher and the Stanley cup. / Rob Carr/Getty Images

This weekend, Vegas hit the jackpot. For the first time ever, Sin City will host the Super Bowl; and the halftime headliner is the current Vegas residency darling - Usher. But, NPR Senior Editor Bilal Qureshi says this royal flush was years in the making. Bilal joins host Brittany Luse to share his experience covering the city's journey from 'Old Vegas' to 'New Vegas,' as new hotels, concert venues, and artist residencies bring Vegas to a new market - millennials.

Then, Brittany turns her sights to the Stanley Cup. No, not the hockey championship but the colorful tumblers taking the internet by storm. The frenzy for a new collectible is never surprising, but the very thing that goes inside it - water - has The Wellness Trap author Christy Harrison wondering if this is just another extension of diet and wellness culture gone sideways.

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