The Georgia Senate passed a resolution this morning during the special session expressing support for the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, also known as Cop City. It also condemns acts of violence, “domestic terrorism,” and claims most opposition to the training center comes from outside of the state.

The resolution passed 48 to 5 with bipartisan support. Those in favor of the action said it’s simply about supporting police and condemning extremism. Those opposed claim it unfairly condemns all groups opposing the training center.

Atlanta Sen. Jason Esteves said the resolution was performative and taking time away from voting rights and other larger issues.

“If this body really wanted to support public safety officials — if this body really wanted to support police officers — we would be addressing mental health,” the Democrat said. “We would be limiting access to guns. Both of which this body failed to act on earlier this year.”

Esteves ultimately voted to pass the resolution. Sens. Sally Harrell and Nan Orrock were the only Atlanta senators to vote against it.

Democratic Sen. Kim Jackson of Stone Mountain proposed an amendment to the resolution reassuring the public it’s safe to exercise their First Amendment right to protest.

“I have asked for us to put that in this resolution, not to be ridiculous, but instead to acknowledge that we come from a history of people feeling intimidated and afraid to protest when they see people get arrested,” Jackson said.

Her amendment failed 23 to 31. Jackson abstained from the final resolution vote.