John Flanagan

John Flanagan

Credit: Rough Draft Atlanta

Mayor Andre Dickens has appointed John Flanagan as the commissioner of the newly established Atlanta Department of Labor and Employment Services.

With over 15 years of experience in workforce development experience, Flanagan most recently served as the president/chief executive officer for CareerSource Tampa Bay.

Dickens announced last October that he would establish the Atlanta Department of Labor and Employment Services, which officially launched on July 1. This new department aims to expand resources for employment, customized training and fair labor practices, providing comprehensive employment and training services programs throughout the Atlanta.

“Atlantans need and deserve good, well-paying jobs, which is why I started this department. It is imperative that we invest heavily in our city’s labor and innovation work, and I am confident John will continue to build out the department to ensure Atlanta’s workforce is skilled, resilient and prepared for the future,” Dickens said in a statement.

As one of the mayor’s key cabinet members, Flanagan is tasked with administering employment services-related programs within the city. This includes overseeing ongoing programs such as apprenticeship, employment services, summer youth employment, managing the eligible training providers list, on-the-job training and other special and customized programs.

“I am incredibly honored to work with Mayor Dickens as his Commissioner of Labor and Employment Services. I am excited to implement his bold and equitable vision for reshaping the future of work for Atlantans,” Flanagan said in a statment.

In addition to overseeing WorkSource Atlanta, the Local Workforce Development Board and youth employment services, Flanagan will also help develop a set of locally funded workforce development programs and work with the Department of Human Resources, unions and businesses on labor issues.

Flanagan brings a wealth of expertise to his role, holding a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Psychology, as well as a Masters of Public Administration in Organizational Leadership and Learning, all from Gannon University in Erie, PA. He also serves on multiple boards, including the U.S. Conference of Mayors — Workforce Development Council.

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