“Stranger Things” mural in Jackson, Georgia

“Stranger Things” mural in Jackson, Georgia

Credit: Chelsea Madden/Ledger-Inquirer

If you’ve seen Stranger Things on Netflix, you know the show is full of 80s vibes like Radio Shack, funny hair trends, arcade games and skating rinks.

The show truly transports viewers well, into another world — dare I say, like the “Upside Down?”

If you’re a fan of the show, you probably also know that the town of Hawkins isn’t too far down the road for residents of Georgia.

In fact, much of the hit show was filmed in the Peach State in towns like Jackson, Douglasville and Eastman.

See for yourself. Here are eight Stranger Things film locations in Georgia:



Jackson is only about a half hour from where I live, so naturally I thought it was a good idea to visit the town where Stranger Things was filmed for this story.

I first went to Lucy Lu’s Coffee Cafe in the square to grab a yummy coffee, which was on the Stranger Things-inspired menu at the coffee house.

Lucy Lu’s was already decked out in Halloween decorations, making getting in the spooky mood easy enough. I ordered the Upside Down, which is a chocolate and toffee latte.

Coffee in hand, I walked down the streets of “Hawkins,” I mean Jackson.

There was a character mural, poster wall and even “Hawkins Headquarters,” where visitors can sign up for a film location tour.

Across the street, in the middle of the square is the courthouse, which served as Hawkins Public Library in the show.

Jackson courthouse served as the Hawkins Public Library in “Stranger Things”

Jackson courthouse served as the Hawkins Public Library in the TV show “Stranger Things.”

Credit: Chelsea Madden / Ledger-Enquirer

On the other side of Jackson Square was Bradley’s Olde Tavern, known as Hawk theater in the show.

“Stranger Things” filming location in Jackson, Georgia

A “Stranger Things” filming location in Jackson, Ga.

Credit: Chelsea Madden / Ledger-Enquirer

There was even an art mural showing where the show filmed an alley fight scene. This area was complete with graffiti “Byers was here” writing.

“Stranger Things” filming location in Jackson, Georgia

A “Stranger Things” filming location in Jackson, Ga., is marked by a mural.

Credit: Chelsea Madden / Ledger-Enquirer

Last, but not least, is the building that was Melvald’s General Store, where Joyce Byers worked in the show. It appeared to be currently under construction, but there weren’t any signs on the exterior of the building.

If you want to participate in an official Stranger Things film location tour, visitors can go online to book one.

Get your “Stranger Things” filming location tour in Jackson, Georgia

Get your “Stranger Things” filming location tour at Hawkins Headquarters in Jackson, Ga.

Credit: Chelsea Madden / Ledger-Enquirer

There’s also a Stranger Things escape room experience on the square, so don’t miss your chance to try and escape the “Upside Down.”



Rome, Georgia, is home to “The Creel House,” which is featured in Seasons 4 and 5 of Stranger Things.

Known as the Claremont House, the 1882 house is located at 906 East 2nd Avenue.



Hawkins Cemetery is where Max visits Billy’s grave in season four, alas the famous levitating scene when Max gets called by Vecna. Well, the cemetery is actually part of Stone Mountain Cemetery.

Here’s the address to see for yourself: 1025 Silver Hill Rd, Stone Mountain, GA 30087.



Griffin is where Forest Hills Trailer Park is, home of Max and Eddie in Season 4.

Eddie’s trailer becomes quite the set in Season 4 as it houses part of the Upside Down.

See where he and Max grew up at A & B Trailer Park, 1478 Kilgore Road in Griffin.



In Stockbridge, Georgia, fans of the show can see Hawkins Middle School.

Go see the school here: 109 S Lee St, Stockbridge, GA 30281.



In East Point, Georgia, fans of the show can drive past the Wheeler family house, where Mike and Nancy grew up in the show.

If you do visit, remember to take photos from the road. Do not trespass because it is private property.

Here’s the address: 2530 Piney Wood Ln, East Point, GA 30344.



See where Hopper’s police department was filmed in Douglasville, Georgia.

Also in Douglasville is the Palace Arcade from the show. It’s mostly abandoned, but the paint job is still there. Go check it out at 8415 Campbellton Street.



Atlanta is the filming location of endless movies and shows, including Stranger Things.

In Atlanta, fans of the show can see where the lab for the Upside Down — the setting for most of Season 1 and 2 — is located.

You can’t go inside this deserted building, but you can drive past at this address: 1256 Briarcliff Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30306.



If you are in need of a full list of Stranger Things‘ film spots in Georgia, you’re in luck. Local Adventurer has a list of all the Georgia film spots thus far:

  • Hawkins General Hospital (2813 E Point St East Point, GA 30344)
  • Sinclair House (2550 Piney Wood Ln East Point, GA 30344)
  • Henderson House (2886 Piney Wood Dr East Point, GA 30344)
  • Holland House (2980 Piney Wood Dr East Point, GA 30344)
  • Harrington House (8253 Carlton Rd Riverdale, GA 30296)
  • Hargrove/Mayfield House (5280 Moore St Stone Mountain, GA 30083)
  • Lonnie Byers’ House (930 Garibaldi St SW Atlanta, GA 30310)
  • Ives House (424 Lees Lake Rd Fayetteville, GA 30214)
  • Hideaway (112 N Berry St Stockbridge, GA 30281)
  • Smokin’ Cues Fair Mart (7703 US-78, Winston, GA 30187)
  • The Quarry (Chappell Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318)
  • The Railroad Tracks (1000 Robert E Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083)
  • Cemetery (Bethany Cemetery Fayetteville, GA 30214)
  • Hawkins Community Pool (South Bend Pool 2000 Lakewood Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, 30315)
  • Brimborn Steel Works (2903 RN Martin Street East Point, GA)
  • Hopper’s Trailer (2300 Daniel Rd SW, Atlanta, 30331)
  • Downtown Chicago (Fairlie-Poplar, Atlanta, 30303)
  • Public Library (Old East Point Library, 2777 McGee Way, East Point)
  • Chicago Hideout (315 McDonough Boulevard Southeast, Atlanta, 30315)
  • Enzo’s (Dominick’s Italian 95 S Peachtree Street, Norcross, 30071)
  • Railroad Tracks (Stone Mountain Park Cherokee Trail, Stone Mountain)
  • Hawkins Town Hall (2777 East Point Street, East Point, 30344)
  • Trick-or-Treating House (2545 Piney Wood Lane, East Point, 30344)
  • Abandoned Mill (2903 RN Martin Street, East Point, 30344)
  • Van Flip (3782 Sarahs Lane, Tucker, 30084)
  • Family Video (6503 Church Street, Douglasville, 30134)
  • 7-Eleven (1355 Milstead Avenue, Conyers, 30012)
  • The Hawkins Post (6980 Main Street, Lithonia, 30058)
  • Oscar’s Gas N’ Go (7705 Covington Highway, Lithonia, 30058)
  • Hawkins Memorial Hospital (3949 S Cobb Drive, Smyrna, 30080)
  • The Fair (6905 Virlyn B Smith Road, Fairburn, 30213)
  • The Byers Family Home — The owners prefer not to have their address publicly posted.
  • Pumpkin Farm (628 Sleepy Hollow Road, Powder Springs, 30127)
  • Pennhurst Mental Hospital (Mary Hall, Viking Way, Mt Berry, GA)

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