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Every spring and early fall, lovebugs take over the South. They cover cars and swarm in doorways for about a month in each mating season. But are they really hurting anything? Here's everything you need to know about the Southern pest.

It’s the season of love ... lovebugs, that is.

So when the weather finally starts to cool off in Georgia, chances are these little pests are enjoying it with you.

According to Northwest Exterminating, lovebug mating season occurs twice a year: once in April/May and again in August/September.

In fact, lovebugs get their name from how they look when they mate. They are often called the honeymoon fly because when they mate, they hop on their partner’s back and fly around with it.

That’s kind of cute, right?

Here’s what else to know about the bugs:



Love bugs are small, about 1/4″ in length with black bodies and red heads, according to Northwest Exterminating.

At first glance, it might look like the bug has two heads because its partner is hitching a ride on its back.



Mating season or swarming season for these bugs is in the late spring and early fall. Each season lasts four to five weeks.

You’ll see these little lovebugs around until early October, more than likely.



Lovebugs don’t bite or sting.

The bugs are a nuisance because their bodies are so acidic, they can actually take the paint off of a car if they “bake” too long in the sun.

“The aftermath of these flying pests is not only gross to look at but can also be damaging to the paint job on your vehicle. Some residents find the time each week to take care of the splatters of bug guts, while others decide to wait until the end of the season to do it all at once,” according to Liberty County.



If you are struggling to keep your car or other property clean, here are some tips to get rid of the lovebugs:

  • Cooking spray: Once you start noticing the first few love bugs floating around, spray your bumper, hood and side mirrors with some non-stick cooking spray to help prevent the bugs from sticking.
  • Degreaser: Spray the home cleaner and let it set for a few minutes and then wipe all of your love bug problems away.
  • Baking soda: Mix warm water with baking soda and watch the bugs melt from your sight.
  • Dryer sheets: Not only is this a great smelling option, but also an easy one to accomplish as this is a product most people have at home. Water, dryer sheets and elbow grease make this a quick option.

If you’re out of luck with these items, it may be best to run through the car wash.

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