Charity Lawson

Charity Lawson on the live finale of season 20 “The Bachelorette.” Who did she choose?

Credit: Christopher Willard, ABC

Our Columbus queen has found her king. 

On last night’s The Bachelorette finale, Charity Lawson, a Columbus, Ga., native, found love as she got engaged and gave the final rose to one very lucky man.

I’ve been following this season very closely and I am so excited to report on this finale. As a fellow Georgia girl, I was so happy to see Charity as The Bachelorette this season and the finale did not disappoint.

Throughout this season, Charity has been nothing short of a strong, smart and kind Bachelorette; but, she also took no foolishness this season as well. And might I just add, her wardrobe this season has been incredible. My girl has been killing it since day one.

So, what happened in the finale?



Well, as you have probably now guessed, Charity is engaged. But who did she say “yes” to?

“You have been able to make me feel so incredibly special,” Dotun said to her. “You have made me feel adored and validated and wanted. And to receive that from a woman of your caliber, Charity, I don’t think you will ever understand what that means to me. But I’m certain that I want to spend the rest of my life showing you.”

Dotun proposed to Charity on the finale of “The Bachelorette,” season 20.

Dotun proposed to Charity on the finale of “The Bachelorette,” season 20.

Credit: Craig Sjodin ABC

He’s got a way with words, am I right, ladies? 

Charity nodded and shared how she felt in the moment. “I want a forever future with you,” she said.

It’s impossible not to believe in love after watching these two together.

However, that means a couple of men just didn’t make the cut. 



After coming back to win Charity over, Aaron was unfortunately sent home. He did get some closure as well as a little extra time with the woman he referred to as his “wife,” but sadly, it wasn’t enough for Charity.

At the final rose ceremony, Charity sent him packing once again. They shared a tearful goodbye and kind words, so at least it wasn’t all for nothing.

During the live finale, Jesse Palmer revealed that Aaron as well as a few others from Charity’s season will appear on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise, so Aaron will get another shot at finding a wife.



Charity chose Dotun, which means Joey’s relationship with her had a heartbreaking end.

Joey was fully prepared to propose to Charity; he even had a beautiful ring designed. However, as he was dropping to one knee, Charity interrupted him with a “wait.” This is just never good news, guys.

Charity told him she loves him, but she has a “deeper love” with someone else (Dotun, of course).

“My love for you is truly never going to go away,” Charity said.

Then the breakup is sealed with Joey climbing in the car and riding away.

But when one door shuts, another opens, right, Joey?



After getting heartbreakingly rejected by Charity, Joey left The Bachelorette single. But not for long because Joey is America’s new “Bachelor.”

Joey Graziadei is your new “Bachelor,” America.

Joey Graziadei is your new “Bachelor,” America.

Credit: Christopher Willard, ABC

He will be dating many women, including one that he met live on the finale stage with Jesse Palmer.

Score! I cannot wait to watch Joey’s journey. I am super excited about seeing him have his own season.

“I just really want someone I can do life with,” Joey said after Jesse Palmer made the announcement.



Are Charity and Dotun still together? 

Yes, they are. On last night’s live finale, the newly engaged couple came out and shared their love for all to see.

Charity and Dotun are engaged and still together, as announced on the live finale of “The Bachelorette,” season 20.

Charity and Dotun are engaged and still together, as announced on the live finale of “The Bachelorette,” season 20.

Credit: Christopher Willard, ABC

“We are feeling over the moon,” Charity said. “We’ve wanted everyone to see our love.”

The couple then revealed that they plan on getting married soon, but they aren’t exactly sure when.

With this, Jesse Palmer surprised the couple with a “pre-honeymoon trip to Greece.”

And then another bombshell: Dotun announced that Charity will be on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. You go, girl.

And with that, the finale came to an end. 

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