Elected officials in Georgia responded to the shooting that left one woman dead and four others wounded in a medical facility in Atlanta Wednesday. 

U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock took to the Senate floor while the manhunt was underway. He said that his children were in the schools placed on lockdown. Warnock said that thoughts and prayers were not enough to stop gun violence. 

“In fact, it is a contradiction to say that you are thinking and praying and then do nothing. It is to make a mockery of prayer. It is to trivialize faith. We pray not only with our lips, we pray with our legs. We pray by taking action,” he said, calling on the Senate to pass more gun safety legislation.

The accused shooter, 24-year-old Deion Patterson, was arrested in Smyrna after an eight hour long manhunt yesterday. The names of the victims were released today.

U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath said the nation is "under seige" from gun violence. 

"Our nation is under siege from gun violence. It will not end until we find the courage to act. Our leaders who refuse to act are complicit. My heart goes out to all affected today," she said in a tweet.

U.S. Rep. Nikema Williams also called on Republican lawmakers to take action by passing stricter gun laws.

“Georgians deserve to go to school, the doctor, the store, or anywhere else without fearing for their lives. Democrats remain ready and waiting to work with Republicans in passing common sense gun safety legislation once the GOP decides to stop putting the gun lobby ahead of Georgians’ safety," she said. 

Governor Brian Kemp commented on the shooting after Patterson was arrested. He thanked law enforcement and extended sympathy and prayers to the victims and their families. 

Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones also tweeted in support of law enforcement who arrested Patterson.

"I want to thank law enforcement agencies across multiple jurisdictions, first responders and medical personnel for your quick action and response to todays horrific event. You acted without hesitation and we are forever grateful."

U.S. Sen. Hank Johnson released a statement in support of the victims. 

U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff also called for increased gun safety laws, which he says could help prevent another mass shooting.

U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter extended prayers to the victims.

“Yesterday’s shooting was a senseless tragedy that will not soon be forgotten. We pray for the victims, impacted families, and the Georgia community as we mourn this loss. I’d like to thank the Atlanta police department and the medical staff at Grady Memorial Hospital for their swift response to protect and save lives,” he said.