Drag queen and organizer Mrs. Ivana said not all drag shows are "lewd"
LISTEN: One of the organizers of a Forsyth County drag show, originally scheduled for this weekend but now canceled over safety concerns, explains the planned content of the event.

Drag performer Mrs. Ivana

Drag performer Mrs. Ivana gestures at a family-friendly event.

Credit: Courtesy of Mrs. Ivana

Organizers of a Forsyth County drag show scheduled for this weekend have canceled their event after getting threatening messages.

The event caught the attention of U.S. Rep. Rich McCormick, who organized a counter-event at the same time. McCormick called the scheduled drag performance at a county park "lewd."

The organizer of the Forysth show performs as "Mrs. Ivana" and declined to give any other name. Mrs. Ivana said the show was to be a "family-friendly" event and that not all drag is lewd.

"It's like Disney on Ice, almost," Mrs. Ivana said of the planned show. "We do those very singalong songs. We really try and get really theatrical with our performances. At the last family show, we had a performer who did an entire Beauty and the Beast and Belle performance and had puppets."

Mrs. Ivana said the show was canceled out of concern for the safety of performers, audience members and expected protesters.

Criticism and support of the event comes as lawmakers in several states pass laws aimed at keeping children out of drag shows.