Gov. Kemp

Gov. Brian Kemp

Credit: Riley Bunch

Gov. Brian Kemp vetoed House Bill 319 on Tuesday. HB 319 is the first veto of his second term, and of the 2023 legislative session. 

HB 319 would require legislative approval for a year-after-year tuition increase larger than 3% at a public Georgia college. 

The bill passed the House and Senate nearly unanimously but ran into trouble on Kemp's desk. 

Kemp said that the bill oversteps on the Board of Regents power. 

"Because of the constitutional reservation of authority in the Board of Regents, the legislation cannot be adopted without the approval of Georgians through exercise of their franchise," he said in a statement. 

The Board of Regents governs the University System of Georgia, and is appointed by the governor.