LISTEN: Kiss Products' expansion adds to the growing list of economic development projects near Hyundai's planned factory. GPB's Benjamin Payne reports.

The shared industrial development in Bryan County where Kiss Products, Inc. plans to build a logistics center.

The shared industrial development in Bryan County where Kiss Products Inc. plans to expand operations.

Credit: Development Authority of Bryan County

Gov. Brian Kemp announced Wednesday that global cosmetics company Kiss Products Inc. plans to expand logistics operations to Southeast Georgia's Bryan County.

The $121 million investment by the New York-based company is expected to create 395 jobs, with business beginning in March 2023.

“We're happy to welcome them to the Peach State and we're grateful for the hardworking ports operators who will ensure their goods, along with so many others, continue to reach consumers around the world,” Kemp said in a statement.

Kiss Products is among the largest manufacturers and distributors of beauty supplies — including artificial nails and eyelashes — under a variety of brands sold in more than 100 countries.

“With the establishment of a logistics center in the Savannah area [and] one of the United States' leading container terminals, we are confident that a more smooth product supply to the eastern region, excellent manpower in the region, and active cooperation and help from local and state governments will lead to upgraded business operations,” Kiss Products human resources director Peter Won said in a statement.

Bryan County has seen a deluge of economic development projects — the biggest being a $5.5 billion electric vehicle factory planned by Hyundai.

Kiss Products will occupy part of The Cubes at Interstate Centre II — a 300-acre shared facility close to the Hyundai site along Interstate 16, about 20 miles northwest of Savannah.