Gov. Brian Kemp is renewing the gas tax suspension for the sixth time this year. 

"In total, we have saved Georgians well over a billion dollars at the pump," Kemp said during a press conference at the Capitol on Dec. 8, 2022.  "...Saving Georgians 29 cents for every gallon of gas."

The latest executive order extends the gas tax suspension until Jan. 10. Under the moratorium, Georgia has among the lowest gas prices in the nation.

Georgia House Speaker Jan Jones, Speaker-Nominee Jon Burns, and Lt. Gov.-elect Burt Jones joined Kemp as he also announced his legislative priorities, including refunding some of the state's budget surplus amassed over two years.

That surplus continues to grow. Since the fiscal year began on July 1, Georgia's net tax revenue collections have totaled $10.32 billion for an increase of $744 million, or 7.8%, over the 2022 fiscal year, according to the governor's office.

"I'm calling for a second, one-time tax refund of equal size to the first," Kemp told reporters "Again, we will give up to $1 billion back to the Georgia taxpayers."

Like the previous tax refund last spring when Kemp signed House Bill 1302, Kemp's plan calls for single filers to receive a maximum refund of $250, and married couples who file joint returns could receive a maximum rebate of $500.

The governor also wants to offer a billion dollars in property tax relief.

"This would save the average homeowner in Georgia between 15% and 25% or about $500 on average on their local property tax bill," Kemp said.