LISTEN: Following months of community meetings and organizing, Star Community Bar is safe from demolition for at least another year. GPB’s Amanda Andrews explains.

After months of community organizing and outcry, Star Community bar is safe from demolition through next year.

Atlanta developers Third & Urban terminated a contract to purchase the property. The controversial plan included a placing a commercial building where the iconic bar and music venue has stood since 1991.

Star Bar is owned by Point Centers Partners. Scott Pendergrass, a managing member, told GPB that commercial real estate is complex and the developers likely pulled out due to rising interest rates.

“They decided to put things on pause to terminate the contract and to step back and perhaps make another attempt at it sometime next year,” he said in a phone interview.

Pendergrass said COVID-19 affected all music venues negatively, but if Star Bar can thrive as a business in 2023, that will factor into long-term decisions.

Now Star Bar owners are in talks to renew the lease for 2023, but co-owner Luke Lewis says they’re still looking for a permanent solution.

“Whether it be a long-term lease, a purchase of the building, looking at a variety of options to ensure that the Star Bar is there for years to come for the next generation,” Lewis said.

With their longer lease, Lewis said they’re focused on making improvements for patrons and entertainers in the space. Renovation plans include shifting equipment to expand the floor space, potentially expanding the patio, and remodeling the green room for artists.

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