Cooler weather in Georgia means residents are turning on the heat, but for seniors and low-income families the cost of utilities could be a barrier. GPB’s Amanda Andrews reports on where people can go for help.


Power bills can add up in the winter moths. Assistance for energy bills is available for qualified Georgia applicants.

Starting this week, qualifying consumers can apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Applications open for seniors and disabled customers Nov. 1, and general enrollment starts Dec. 1.

The program assists seniors, disabled people, and low-income families with federal and state funded grants for their energy bills. To qualify for LIHEAP applicants must make at or below 60% of Georgia’s median income. For one person, that’s less than $27,000 and for a family of four it’s less than $51,000 a year.

Inflation has driven up the cost of electric and natural gas bills, and as weather gets cooler household budgets might not keep up with increased heating demands. Atlanta Gas Light is partnering with community organizations to assist in paying bills and repairing appliances.

Funds for the program are managed through the Georgia Division of Family and Children's Services.  Nonprofits such as the Heating Energy Assistance Team, Hope Works, Salvation Army and the United Way also have help available.