The 1985 Kate Bush song "Running Up That Hill" has become popular again, thanks to an episode of Stranger Things, the Netflix sci-fi/horror show filmed in Georgia.

Bush, a British music icon, is riding high in the worldwide music charts this summer as a result of show's soundtrack, which showcases 1980s sounds to a new generation of listeners.

But "Running Up That Hill" is not Ms. Bush's only enduring song. 

NPR wrote about seven of the singer's songs worth revisiting, including 1978's “Wuthering Heights” – a pop ode to Emily Bronte’s famous novel.

That song is so beloved by fans, it occupies its own day on their calendars.

“The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever" is an annual gathering of fans who dress in red and black and recreate the famous dance from the music video. The event takes place in cities across the globe from Atlanta to Melbourne, Australia.

Atlanta’s 7th celebration of the Kate Bush-themed event, which is not a live concert, happens Saturday, July 30, beginning at 10 a.m. in Candler Park and honors Ms. Bush's 64th birthday (the singer will not be attending). 

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