The University System of Georgia is rolling out modified admissions process for the fall 2022 semester. Prospective freshmen at Valdosta State University won’t be required to submit SAT or ACT scores if they have over a minimum 3.2 GPA.

Universities have the option to wave test requirements, but the minimum GPA will vary by institution. The USG says research universities require a 3.4 GPA, comprehensive universities require at least 3.2, state universities require a 3.0, and state colleges require a 2.0.

VSU Admissions Director Ryan Hogan said the school made the decision to go test optional after noticing students were still being affected by the pandemic.

“Virtual learning, things like that, they might be having some trouble with it,” Hogan said. “There are just a myriad of things that our students are [facing], so I think it’s trying to remove that barrier while ensuring we are admitting students who will be successful.”

Like many state systems, the USG waived the test score requirement at the start of the pandemic and reinstated them for the spring 2022 semester.

None of the state's research schools — University of Georgia, Georgia State or Georgia Tech — are participating. But all Georgia comprehensive-level schools are dropping the tests, and at least two state universities, Columbus and Middle Georgia, are as well. State colleges are case-by-case.