Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode Work, Play, Rest - Part 1.

Tech reporter Kevin Roose doesn't want you to be scared of your job becoming automated. He says that rather than competing with machines, we should work to develop our fundamentally human skills.

About Kevin Roose

Kevin Roose is a technology columnist for The New York Times. His column, "The Shift," examines the intersection of tech, business, and culture.

Roose is also the author of three books: Young Money, The Unlikely Disciple, and his latest, Futureproof, a guide to surviving the technological future. He also hosts "Rabbit Hole," a New York Times podcast about the many ways the internet influences our beliefs and behavior. Before joining The New York Times, Roose was a writer at New York Magazine and co-hosted the TV documentary series, Real Future.

Roose is a graduate of Brown University.

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