State Rep. Sam Park (D-Lawrenceville) did not mince words today when he said at a press conference, “Clearly, white power is alive and well in the Georgia Republican Party.” 

This came when the leadership team of the Gwinnett County Delegation gave an update on House Bills 872 and 873, legislation that would revise district boundaries for the Gwinnett County Board of Education and County Board of Commissioners. 

Park claims House Majority Caucus leader Bonnie Rich (R-Suwanee) subverted the process by sending the bills to a committee that normally does not deal with county redistricting.   

Park said he has information to back up his claims, adding, “By sending them to a general committee, the Republican Party is taking steps to usurp local control, undermine the will of Gwinnett voters, and allow politicians from around the state to draw local maps for Gwinnett.” 

Later, Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan and members of the Senate Majority Caucus outlined their priorities for this legislative session. 

They are public safety, online security, banning critical race theory, and opening employment opportunities for those willing to work hard for a better life. Legislation will be introduced for all of those priorities over the coming weeks.

Today, the Senate voted to reconsider SR 363, the proposed ballot initiative that would amend Georgia’s constitution to ban non-U.S. citizens from voting. Yesterday, the Senate failed to pass the resolution by the required two-thirds majority vote.

Reconsideration means the resolution can be put up for more debate and another vote.


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