Day 4 of the 2022 legislative session began with reaction to statements made by President Biden earlier this week during his visit to Atlanta. 

There was no holding back of Republican criticism in either the House or the Senate.  

Republican Sen. Jodi Lott said, “The president spent much of his time making wild misstatements about Georgia Republicans and our most recent election integrity act." 

Democrats fired back. Sen. Elena Parent said, “If you want to accuse the president of the United Sates of lying, let me just say that we should be a little more careful about what is declared from this podium then, before you cast stones.”

Also Thursday, educators reacted to Gov. Brian Kemp’s State of the State address. President of the Georgia Education Association Lisa Morgan said she is pleased with the proposed raise for teachers, but will have to evaluate the governor’s opposition to critical race theory, saying every child has the right to a public school education that teaches a full and accurate account of the state’s history. 

Leading up to the national Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Monday, legislators gathered under the Gold Dome to celebrate the civil rights leader. 

Budget hearings will take up most of next week, with the General Assembly returning Jan. 24. 

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