Votes were counted and results are out: The next American Idol is … not Georgia’s own Willie Spence.

Many fans across the state and online were surprised when Southern California musician Chayce Beckham was declared the winner of the 19th season of the televised singing competition.

On Twitter, American Idol viewers shared their frustration with the results, and showed support for Willie Spence and third-place finisher Grace Kinstler.

Some said this wasn’t the first time they had been let down by the results in the show’s nearly 20-year history.

“Yep. I knew @AmericanIdol was going to get it wrong again," Twitter user khaotican said. "But that’s fine, Willie Spence is going to thrive.”

Other fans accepted their own truths.

“I’m telling my kids Willie Spence won American Idol," twitter user LaTia_Hurrang said.

Even Gov. Brian Kemp chimed in after the results were announced with a tweet to Spence saying, “You made Georgia proud!”

Down in South Georgia, supporters in Spence’s hometown of Douglas were also shocked by the results.

Stephanie Childers works at Ultimate Graphics Plus, a local T-shirt shop that helped raise money for Spence’s family to go to Hollywood. She said the results haven’t changed how residents feel about Spence.

“Everybody is super proud of him still,” Childers said. "We’re just disappointed for him, not in him."

Spence is rumored to be returning to Douglas for a charity concert performance June 3.