Georgia state Sen. Gloria Butler, left, speaks with Donna Lowry.

Georgia state Sen. Gloria Butler, left, speaks with Donna Lowry on GPB's Lawmakers.

Credit: Lawmakers

Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler sat down with GPB Lawmakers host Donna Lowry about some of the major issues under consideration at the state Capitol.

Butler spoke about her wishlist for this legislative session, which includes Medicaid expansion for all, fully funded public education and vaccinations for everyone.

The Democratic state senator is a strong supporter of no-excuse absentee voting and said that it worked well in Georgia “for 16 years.”

She also criticized Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan for not voting on Senate Bill 24, which deals with elections and voting. Butler said said that one needs “ to have the courage to vote the way you feel about the bills.”


Georgia Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler tells GPB Lawmakers host Donna Lowry that Democrats were not given the opportunity to participate in the process around the voting and elections bills pass by Republicans in the senate. 

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