The Georgia House has passed legislation which moves many criminal cases for 17-year-olds from superior court to juvenile court. 

House Bill 272 ( sponsor State Representative Mandi Ballinger (R-Canton) says 17-year-olds involved in major crimes such as murder and rape would still go to superior court. That includes gang-related crimes as well.

Speaking on the House floor Monday, Ballinger said the “Raise the Age Act” does not let 17-year-olds “off," but puts them in a more rehabilitative process in the juvenile system.  

Georgia is one of three states that treats all 17-year-olds as adults in criminal cases. The others are Texas and Wisconsin, according to advocacy group Voices for Georgia’s Children.  

HB 272 passed the Georgia House on Monday by a vote of 113-51. The bill is now in the Georgia Senate.

On Tuesday, House Bill 272 was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 


HB 272 Lead Sponsor, State Representative Mandi Ballinger, presents the “Raise the Age Act” to the House Rules Committee on March 5, 2021.