(Photo Courtesy of Chris Gilbert via stock.xchng.)

Today the Georgia State Senate passed legislation that would stop Georgians from changing their clocks twice a year.

Senate Bill 100 would move Georgia to standard time year-round. Georgia would then switch to daylight saving time, if and when Congress allows states to do so. Current federal law prohibits year-round daylight saving time. 

Republican State Sen. Ben Watson, the bill’s author, laid out public health and public safety reasons for the change.

Watson, a doctor in Savannah, talked about medical evidence of increased heart attacks in the spring. He also spoke of Georgians' disrupted sleep patterns for two weeks after each clock change.

He also cited evidence of increased numbers of car crashes after the semiannual time changes.

During Senate floor debate, State Sen. Kim Jackson suggested that Georgia wait until Congress allows daylight saving time year-round.

The bill passed 46-7 with bipartisan support and opposition. It now heads to the Georgia House.

This year, clocks "spring forward" March 14 and "fall back" Nov. 7.