Ahmaud Arbery's mom
Wanda Cooper-Jones, the mother of Ahmaud Arbery, leaves the courthouse on July 17, 2020. She asked a judge not to release the man who filmed the killing of her son.
Credit: Emily Jones/GPB News

It has been one year since Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while jogging in Brunswick, Ga. 

GPB Lawmakers host Donna Lowry spoke with attorney L. Chris Stewart, who reflected on the very public pain that his client Wanda Cooper-Jones — Arbery's mother — has endured since losing her son “in the eye of the world.”


GPB Lawmakers Host Donna Lowry interviews the attorney for Ahmaud Arbery's mother. 

When asked what lessons came out of all this, Stewart credits Cooper-Jones’ determination to seek justice for her child. Stewart also acknowledged the vital role the cellphone video played in the case.

As with many other cases, Stewart says the Arbery case is still awaiting trial, since Georgia courts have yet to reopen. Stewart is also co-lead counsel on the George Floyd criminal trial, set to start in Minnesota next month with COVID safety measures (Plexiglas barriers, masks, and social distancing) in place.

Just this month, Georgia Supreme Court Justice Harold Melton told Lowry that Georgia courts could also reopen in March. To that prospect, Stewart replied, “That will be Christmas in March, because as lawyers, we have been praying for that day to happen.”