Sunday Puzzle

Sunday Puzzle / NPR

On-air challenge: Here are words from categories. Each thing is next-to-last in its category alphabetically. You name the only other thing in the category that comes after mine alphabetically.

1. Two

2. Sleepy

3. Queens

4. Zambia

5. Swans a-swimming

Last week's challenge: This challenge came from listener Joe Young, of St. Cloud, Minn. Name a famous person in history. The letters of the last name can be rearranged to name a popular game. And the letters in the first name can be rearranged to name an action in this game. Who is this famous person?

Challenge answer: Marco Polo; pool, carom.

Winner: Tom Zmozynski of Aurora, Ohio.

This week's challenge: This week's challenge comes from listener Jeremy Crane of Madison, Wis. Name a deity in ancient mythology. The first half of the name, phonetically, names a common object. The second half of the name, by spelling, names another object that is often put inside the first one. What is it?

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Previous audio and Web versions of this puzzle incorrectly implied that West Virginia is the second-to-last U.S. state in alphabetical order. Wisconsin is second to last. Also, in a previous audio version, we incorrectly said that Clare Luce was the publisher of Reader's Digest.