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The McCrary family in Albany, Georgia, created a music video about the importance of staying at home during the pandemic for the city’s Shelter In Place Community Video Contest.

Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm just so fresh, so clean.

So fresh and so clean, clean.


What's up y'all, it's TT, that middle child here with my sister JayBay

What up sis'

Man lemme tell y'all about this COVID-19

Man just stay home


It's like a bad dream, COVID-19

Call your people up, tell 'em just to quarantine

Leonard: I am Leonard McCrary and this is the McCrary family. My family and I, we recently put together a music video for COVID-19 and the motivation behind it was there was a contest that was running from the Albany Police Department. And since my children, they make music already, I thought it will be kind of cool for them to enter the contest and for them to use their musical ability to talk about something informative and educational.

Some of that could possibly help somebody and maybe reach children around their age who may not be so into the news. They may think the news is boring so they're not there for the long speeches. That's why we thought that creating the music and adding dance moves to it, we're kind of pulling them in and getting their ears so they can hear what's going on and kind of be more informed.

Let's begin.

Call your friends.

Hit 'em up. Tell 'em just to shelter in.

Hit the beach? Hit the mall?

I don't get it, what the heck is wrong with y'all?

People coughin'. People sneezin'. Social distance, 50 feet is what I need.

Trent: This music video is important to me because this is virus or pandemic is just tearing apart the community. So the song was able to help other people or help other people realize the importance of stay at home. And so that way we could all prevent the spread of COVID-19. That way, we can all get back to about our normal lives quicker than expected.

My friend, who used to go to elementary school with me, his grandfather was infected with COVID-19 and ended up passing away from it after a while. Well, knowing that someone died from this, it just proves the fact that we ought to stay home and have [fewer] people end up dying from it or get infected at most.

It's like a bad dream, COVID-19

Call your people up, tell 'em just to quarantine

Jayla: Knowing that I can possibly save a family member or a friend, it just feels ... I feel proud of myself that I'm making a difference to other people's lives while saving their lives.

Trinity: I feel great because it's like knowing that you can possibly do something to save other people, the feelings is just... the feeling of it is very proud.

Leonard: I'm very proud of them because they created something, I would say, that can help the community. And they did it in their way. I see them all day dancing and singing or rapping. So I just want to take the things that they love to do naturally and actually want to put some art behind it.

And again, if we can help one form in any kind of way, we're all for it. I know families are kind of at home and they're kind of frustrated. They feel like the walls are kind of closing in. So we just kind of want to show them some things that we do to kind of take our minds off and stay busy because we don't feel like we're trapped in the house. We feel like we're safe in the house.

We don't want no COVID-19

We don't

Nah foreal

Y'all need to chill

Don't mess around and let being stupid get ya' killed