Former Gov. Nathan Deal is stepping into an academic role.

He will teach a course next semester at the University of North Georgia.

GPB's Sophia Saliby reports on the course former governor Nathan Deal will teach at the University of North Georgia.

The Board of Regents hired Deal as a professor for the university system after he left office earlier this year.

He gave several lectures to UNG political science students this fall.

In January, he’ll start teaching the course called, “Politics in the Peach State.”

Dlynn Williams, who heads the university’s Political Science and International Affairs department, said students will be exposed to a behind-the-scenes look at state politics.

"They can hear the voice of somebody who has done the very kind of things that they’ve read about in textbooks," she said.

The former governor was also hired as a distinguished professor at his alma mater, Mercer University in Macon.