We spoke with trailblazing artists and explored Georgia's revitalized oyster market on today's show.

Richard Hunt's public art can be seen in places like Augusta's Springfield Park. His abstract sculptures helped redefine shared spaces since his start in the 1950s. "Richard Hunt: Synthesis" is a new exhibit opening at the Georgia Museum of Art honoring Hunt's prolific career. We spoke with Hunt and Shawnya Harris, the exhibit's curator."On Second Thought" with Virginia Prescott for Thursday, October 18, 2018.

We also spoke with the author of "A High Low Tide: The Revival of a Southern Oyster." André Gallant joined us to discuss the past, present and future of Georgia's oyster industry. Bryan Rackely, co-owner of Kimball House, a Decatur restaurant known for its oysters, joined the conversation about these briny bivalves

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