Brian A. Prince is the man under the Predator alien mask.

Brian A. Prince is the man under the Predator alien mask. "The Predator" will hit the big screens this fall. / GPB

“The Predator” is slashing its way back into theaters this fall. Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be making a special appearance, but Shane Black, a supporting character from the 1987 movie is now the director. The alien under the mask is Georgia-native Brian A. Prince.

 On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott sat down with "The Predator" actor Brian A. Prince to talk about his life under the alien mask.


He is an illustration artist turned parkour athlete turned Hollywood stuntman. He has been a stuntman in movies like Black Panther, Captain America, and The Walking Dead. We sat down with him today to talk about his journey to Hollywood and what it was like to put on a giant alien suit for work everyday.


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This installment of Predator is set to take place in the streets of the surburban Georgia. The movie is expected to air on September 14, 2018.


A scene from the movie

A scene from the movie "The Predators" which is the 3rd movie in the Predator series. / Flickr