Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Capitol Hill.
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Capitol Hill.

Most politicians hope to avoid satirical publications and media attention that is meant to poke fun at them, but Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has taken a different approach.

The Trump Cabinet Member was featured in an article from "The Onion" that mocks Perdue and the government shutdown.

The outlet taunted on Monday that the head of the USDA was doing "quick smell tests to inspect all the backlogged meat that piled up during the shutdown." The former Georgia governor returned the banter by retweeting the story saying, "The Onion Strikes Again."

It is true that there was an impact on food safety inspections during the partial government shutdown, but it was the Food & Drug Administration, not the USDA that was impacted when their workers were furloughed.

When news of food safety inspections broke, FDA Commissioner Scott Gotlieb said in a series of tweets the agency was taking steps to ensure checks would continue.