Today's show celebrated the complex histories of prohibition and Atlanta's Cyclorama, along with a preview of "The Bitter Southerner Podcast."On Second Thought for Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018

Prohibition was repealed Dec. 5, 1933. The 18th Amendment effectively jumpstarted the black market for booze, and the 21st Amendment allowed the taps to flow legally again. Some effects still linger in Georgia, like dry counties and Sunday alcohol laws.

Kayla Black and Travis Spangenburg from the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah spoke to "On Second Thought" about Savannah's role in both upholding and fighting against temperance.

Chuck Reece of "The Bitter Southerner" is serving up something new: a GPB podcast. "The Bitter Southerner Podcast" launches later this month, but we have a sneak peek of an upcoming episode.

Reece spoke with Tiffanie Barriere, a cocktail historian and mixologist. They met when Barriere was mixing drinks at Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours in Atlanta. They discussed her years on the job and diversity and representation in the industry.

Atlanta's cyclorama is back. The 18,000-square foot spectacle was looking faded and anachronistic by 2011 when the city considered scrapping it. Instead, the 360-degree image of the Battle of Atlanta is being restored, and it will reopen at the Atlanta History Center in February. Jack Hitt, the Peabody Award-winning journalist, author and co-host of the "Uncivil" podcast, joined us with his personal reflections on the cyclorama as well as some revisions of common beliefs about the painting.

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