The Atlanta City Council adopted a transportation plan Monday night aimed at improving safety and mobility throughout the city.

Numbers from the transportation plan show about 70 percent in Atlanta drive alone which leads to more congestion and a higher rate of fatal accidents.

The plan includes expanding MARTA, improving sidewalks and building more lanes suitable for pedestrians, bikes and electric scooters.

Sally Flocks, with PEDS, an advocacy group that works to create safer streets said at any time, there are hundreds of people riding scooters around Atlanta.

"The fast growth of use shows that there's a lot of people that would like to get around and are willing to get around other than in a single occupancy vehicle,”

Flocks said she would like to see more "complete streets" which offers lanes for cars and other modes of transportation. But overall, she said she is happy with the plan since it is more pedestrian centric than focusing on automobiles.

There are currently 10 of those projects underway in the city. However, city council recently announced they would not be completing one of those projects but would instead focus on synchronizing the traffic lights.