Voters at the Vinings Public Library waited over 2 hours Tuesday morning to cast their ballot.

Voters at the Vinings Public Library waited over 2 hours Tuesday morning to cast their ballot.

Georgia is one of the most-watched states nationwide for the 2018 midterm elections. The state has already hit record early voting numbers, and overall turnout is expected to be historic. GPB reporters traveled across the state to talk to voters about why they chose to go to the polls. 

GPB reporters talked to voters in Fulton, Chatham and Cobb counties.

Here's what some voters told us on their way out of the polls Tuesday morning.

Miguel Ramirez, Cobb County

"Us being young, we always think, 'Oh, we're not into politics,' ... We decided that instead of showing our support or disapproval on Facebook, we might take action and actually get involved in the governmental process."

Dmani Q. Williams, Fulton County

"I voted because one, it’s my citizen duty, and especially as a black male, a lot of times we don’t vote ... I just felt it was a really important thing to do, and I feel like more young people should exercise that right."

Alice Hamilton, Chatham County

"We’re here voting today, and I wanted to really bring my daughter this morning that she can have this experience, for her to understand the importance of voting."

Jade Barber, Cobb County 

"Everything from different laws that are passed to how our state sales taxes are used, I think it's really important to be a part of that process."  

Sieta Bell, Fulton County 

"I voted because I’m a United States citizen and a veteran."

Molly Chen, Cobb County 

"This is my first time to have the opportunity to vote. I'm an immigrant. I'm proud to be able to contribute, do my citizenship responsibility."

Michael Myles, Cobb County   

"Voter apathy is a big issue, and you know, we complain but sometimes, we don't make sure that we're doing something to make sure those complaints are heard."

Caylen Perry, Cobb County

"It's just crazy. I waited probably 30 minutes in the same place for the presidential election, and I waited almost 2 hours for this."

Harvey Fields. Chatham County 

"The lines was a lot longer than it was – than it ever has been, really. So, a lot of people getting out to vote."