Seven ballot measures are currently up for vote during Georgia's midterm elections. They cover everything from victims' rights to environmental conservation, but why are they so hard to understand?

We spoke with GPB's Stephen Fowler and Zac Peskowitz, assistant professor of political science at Emory University, to learn the history behind these measures and highlight a few on the ballot in Georgia."On Second Thought" host Virginia Prescott speaks with Stephen Fowler and Zac Peskowitz.

We discussed the proposed changes to Sunday alcohol laws in cities across Georgia, termed the "brunch bill" or "mimosa mandate." Fowler said small businesses favor the change to increase their weekend sales, especially in anticipation of tourism due to the Super Bowl in 2019.

Marsy's Law is Amendment Four on the ballot in Georgia and makes victims' rights a part of the state Constitution. Five other states are voting on Marsy's Law during the 2018 election. The committee to pass the amendment, Marsy's Law for Georgia LLC, raised a little over eight million dollars in support in Georgia.

We also discussed ballot amendments to create a state business court and the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund.

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