Voter casts ballot in Sandy Springs, Ga.

Voter casts ballot in Sandy Springs, Ga. / AP Photo

On this edition of Political Rewind, long lines of voters continue to crowd polling places during the first week of early voting across the state. Some are alleging voter suppression after African-American senior citizens on their way to vote early were asked by Jefferson County officials to get off the bus that was taking them to the polls.

Democratic lt. gov. candidate Sarah Riggs Amico is demanding that her GOP opponent stop mischaracterizing a discrimination lawsuit filed by employees of the Amico’s family run trucking firm. Her company calls it a frivolous lawsuit, but how will it shape the final weeks of the race?

Plus, a conservative PAC has now released a national TV ad that Democrats are calling the most brutal attack yet on Democrats running for Congress.



Greg Bluestein – Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Howard Franklin – Democratic Strategist

Jackie Cushman – Republican Strategist

Amy Steigerwalt – Political Science Professor, Georgia State University