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Winder, GA is a city with a long history

Until the 18th century, the Creek name for the Winder area was Snodon.

Rickey Bevington explains how Winder got its name.

In 1793, European colonizers settled near Snodon, in an area they called Jug. 

Ten years later they renamed the area Jug Tavern. 

The city grew after the Gainsville Midland Railroad set down tracks in Jug Tavern in 1883.

A name change was approved in 1893, and the city was renamed for John H. Winder, the general manger of the Seaboard railway. 

The city was centered between three different counties and this caused some "governance confusion," according to city of Winder's website. 

Later in 1914, Barrow County was established with Winder as the county seat to alleviate this confusion. 

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