Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp talks about the coalition's goals

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp talks about the coalition's goals / GPB News

Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp introduced a new coalition aimed at attracting diverse voters Wednesday.


Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez, businessman Dallas Smith and other Kemp campaign staffers make up the coalition tasked with attracting voters from diverse races, faiths and economic backgrounds to vote Republican in the upcoming election.

Kemp, who is Georgia’s current secretary of state, said Democrats have typically attacked Republicans on the issue of inclusion.

“I think the Democrats have done a good job over the years going after Republicans about inclusion and diversity,” Kemp said.  “And quite honestly, we haven’t done a good job of actually instead of just talking about it, doing it. And anybody that knows me knows I’ve been doing it.”

Kemp said the coalition will be key to winning the election in November.

He’s facing off against Democratic nominee Stacey Abram whose campaign he credited for having a strong ground game.

In last month’s runoff election against Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, Kemp said it was President Donald Trump’s endorsement that helped him solidify the republican nomination for governor.

He said with the recent news surrounding Trump’s former campaign manager and lawyer each facing prison time, his focus remains on the state.

“I’m running for governor to put Georgians first,” Kemp said. “I have no idea about what all is going on in Washington. My focus is on the state of Georgia. I was proud to have the President’s endorsement and they’re going to be helping us in this race as are a lot of other good people from different backgrounds.”

He said he wouldn’t speculate on anything happening in the nation’s capital.

Election Day for governor and other offices is on Nov. 6.