An old storefront

An old storefront

We’re all familiar with the concept of jotting down a grocery list. 
But what about Jot Em Down Road?
Rickey Bevington unravels the mystery behind Jot Em Down Road.

Jot Em Down Road connects with Georgia 400 near Lake Lanier north of Atlanta.  

Its name refers to a type of store.

Jot Em Down stores would write down customers' purchases. 

The stores' typical customers were farmers.

They would buy what they needed on a credit system and pay for the items after the harvest came in. 

It was a similar concept to running a tab at a local bar and paying it after payday. 

The Jot Em Down stores were so popular that, according to the AJC, the streets the stores were on were refered to as Jot Em Down roads. 

The stores went out of business in the 1990's.