Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in 1902.

Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in 1902.

Following intense criticism, President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that ends the separation of parents and children who entered the country illegally. On today's show we explored the differences between illegal and legal immigration, detainment and internment and the role of morality and racism in immigration policy and practice.On Second Thought for Thursday, June 21, 2018.

Plus, the latest addition to the Athens-Clarke County Commission has a double life. When she’s not serving the county, Mariah Parker is a rapper under the name of Linqua Franqa. GPB’s Grant Blankenship spoke with Parker about hip hop, politics and why it's not so surprising that she can do both. 

Guest list

Emily Cureton, Reporter

Marie Marquardt, Scholar-in-residence, Emory University

Matthew Hashiguchi, Documentary filmmaker, "Good Luck Soup"

Ibram Kendi, Professor, American University

Christina Iturralde-Thomas, Managing editor, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)