Last year, we spoke with two Georgia-based comic book publishers who are working to develop more superheroes of color. Carlton and Darrick Hargro are the creative force behind the comic book company, 20th Place Media. We talked to them about one of their latest comics called “Moses,” which draws connections between the African slave trade and an alien abduction.

On Second Thought for Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

This week, we pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., who was killed 50 years ago. In August 1967, King spoke in Atlanta at the annual convention of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Less than a year later, he was killed in Memphis, Tennessee. We spoke with Xernona Clayton, an advisor to King and one of the conference planners. 

Georgia Congressman John Lewis is a civil rights leader, a principled politician and a graphic novelist. We talked to him about his three-part graphic memoir, "March," which chronicles his life during the civil rights movement. 

We listened to a rare 1961 interview with King. King spoke with Eleanor Fischer, a reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who later worked for National Public Radio. In the interview, he speaks about facing racial prejudice while growing up in Atlanta. 

Historian Jason Sokol's new book "The Heavens Might Crack" explores the public’s reaction to King's death. We talked with the author about the different ways people responded to the assassination of the civil rights icon. 

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter posthumously awarded King the Presidential Medal of Freedom. King's wife, Coretta Scott King, accepted the award on his behalf. On Second Thought producer Sean Powers took us back to that day at the White House.