The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta save lives and eradicate sicknesses, but the CDC is also in show business. In its more than 70-year history, it’s captured the imagination of TV writers and filmmakers. So, could the monkey in the movie Outbreak actually spread disease? Could flesh-eating zombies like the ones in The Walking Dead actually be a reality? On Monday night, the Atlanta Science Festival separates fact from fiction. On Second Thought’s Sean Powers took a quick trip through CDC’s movie career.

(Due to tornado warnings, this event has been canceled.) OST's producer Sean Powers takes a look at the Centers of Disease Control's movie career.

"The Walking Dead" cast visits the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find a cure for the zombie virus.

A dangerous airborne virus is spread throughout California by an African monkey that was brought to the United States in captivity. A group of doctors are brought in to control the disease and save the population.