New FBI data show an uptick in reported hate crimes. Nationwide, 2016 saw more than 6,100 incidents, up by more than 270 from  the year before. Georgia reported a drop in hate crimes during that period. But a recent ProPublica investigation finds many police departments, including those in Georgia, aren’t trained to identify and investigate hate crimes. This could lead to underreporting. We talk with ProPublica’s A.C. Thompson.

These days HIV can be diagnosed sooner and treated more effectively than when Christopher Harris got his diagnosis. When he contracted the disease, there was only one drug approved for treatment. Harris became an early member of the Atlanta Buyers Club, which distributed unapproved drugs to treat AIDS patients. We hear his story, courtesy of the NPR’s series, "StoryCorps."

A recent survey from WalletHub lists Atlanta as the second best city to be single. What makes a city a strong place for dating? We talk with blogger Brittany Manson of the "Alone in Atlanta" blog, Atlanta-based artist Matthew Terrell, Victoria Elizabeth of the "You Don't Know Me" podcast.

There is only one duo who can adventure through time and space, and still debate about political correctness...That is Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, from Adult Swim’s animated hit "Rick and Morty." Rick is a genius scientist. His grandson Morty? Well--he’s in high school. Together, they use portal guns and other wacky inventions to save the multiverse from hyper-intelligent dogs and cannibal mantis-people. Show co-creator Dan Harmon sat down with colleague Celeste Headlee recently to discuss the success of the show.

We close out with a "Happy birthday!" to one of Georgia’s most iconic musicians. Little Richard was born in Macon on December 5, 1932. He grew up singing gospel in the Pentecostal church. His big break came in September of 1955, when he recorded “Tutti Fruitti.” His style influenced countless musicians, including Kate Pierson of the B-52s. She recently nominated “Tutti Fruitti” for our Georgia Playlist. We’ll hear why it tops her list of essential Georgia listening.