Just Off The Radar Ep. #449

Mike Mantione, frontman of Five Eight, stops by for an acoustic set featuring music off their new album, Weirdo Reborn.  
Track List
“Comin On Too Strong” – Stupid Cupids
“Time Tells Me” – Pony Time
“For The Week” – Lily & Madeline
“For Someone” – Flora Cash
“What A Beautiful Place” – Catherine Howe
“Drummer Divorce” – Five Eight
“Hurt You” – Five Eight
“Smoke” – Five Eight
“L.A. Freeway” – Five Eight
“Full Moon Hungry Sun” – Kane Strang
“Juicy” – Radiation City
“Ritual Spirit” – Massive Attack
“L (Dusty Brown Remix)” – Tycho

Tags: rock  indie  Athens  music  Georgia