Donald Glover poses in the press room with his awards for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series and for outstanding directing for a comedy series for

Donald Glover poses in the press room with his awards for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series and for outstanding directing for a comedy series for "Atlanta" at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017. / The Associated Press

The Breakroom gang joins guest host Tony Harris to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes farmer Jon Jackson, Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown, Natalie Pawelski of Cater Communications, and Nsenga Burton, who chairs Mass Media Arts at Clark Atlanta University. 


1) Georgia is now the 13th most diverse state in the nation. Is it just Atlanta where we see rich diversity, or is it throughout the state? Do you see it everywhere?

2) Speaking of diversity, Georgia’s Donald Glover of the FX television show, "Atlanta," made history. He won two Emmys for the show. One made him the first black director to win for a comedy series. Other trailblazers at the ceremony include Riz Ahmed, the first South Asian man to win an Emmy for acting. There was also Lena Waithe, the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing. Here’s part of her acceptance speech.

Why is TV so much better at diversifying than movies?

3) As TV shows get more diverse, Hollywood keeps re-cycling. Just this year, we’ve seen -- or avoided -- sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, and Planet of the Apes.  Now, director James Cameron plans to make another Terminator movie. Are you sick of sequels?

4) The shooting last weekend of a Georgia Tech student on campus is still being reviewed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI says Scout Schultz, 21, called 911 about a suspicious person on campus, with a knife and possibly a gun. That description matched Schultz. When Scout didn’t drop a multi-tool, police shot Schultz to death. The officer who fired is now on paid leave. A Schultz family attorney told reporters Schultz had been suffering a mental breakdown at the time of the confrontation. What went wrong here? What can the school learn from this tragedy?

5) A South Carolina fifth grade teacher asked her students this question: “You are a member of the KKK. Why do you think your treatment of African-Americans is justified?” She’s been suspended. Is that a proper topic for grade schoolers? If so, what's the right way to do it?

6) Families moving to a new community look for good schools, and a good deal on a home. Atlanta’s now a hub for three huge startups that allow you to buy or sell homes quickly online. You don’t even need a realtor. So, would you buy a home online?

7) f you’ve been to the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, you likely noticed a vast improvement in food prices. They went DOWN!. For example, hot dogs that were $5.50 are now $2. Do food prices influence your attendance?

8) Speaking of grub: Taco Bell announced a major change. It plans to serve alcohol at 300 locations, and close the drive-through at those locations. Marketing marvel? Or dubious decision?